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Whatever addiction you are struggling with,

the love of Jesus Christ can TOTALLY heal, transform, and set you FREE.


What is the Mission?

​To allow the New Wine as God's Holy Spirit to convert and transform us into a New Person (New Wineskin).


What is Luke 5 Recovery?

Based on the scripture Luke 5: 37-38, Luke 5 is a small group for people dealing with addictions (including alcohol/drug) and addiction-related issues such as cutting, rejection, abuse, unhealthy habits, and relationship problems.


How do I register to participate in Luke 5?

​To register for Luke 5, click here.


What day and time are Luke 5 meetings?

​Luke 5 meets weekly at the Church Administrative Office - 2255 Dunn Avenue Bldg., 200 Suite 201 Jacksonville, Florida 32218.


Do I have to be a member of Amen Always Church to attend?

Luke 5 is OPEN to everyone in the community. Membership in Amen Always Church is NOT required to attend.

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