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Next Steps

Take your Next Steps by signing up for Growth Track.  The Growth Track Process is designed to help you grow in your relationship with God, learn about your God-given gifts, become a member of Amen Always Community Church, and Join a Team.

First Time Membership

Step One: Become a Member

Step One: Become a Member. Fill out the Become a Member Form. Attend the New Covenant Member's Class to learn more about the church beliefs, its various ministries, and meet the Church Leadership. 

Candles in Service

Step Two: Discover your Purpose

Step 2: Discover Your Purpose will help you discover your purpose, the God-given gifts, and how you can make a difference in the community.

Quality Time with Mom

Step Three: Join a Team

Make a difference in the lives of others, by connecting to the team, and using your God-given gifts to serve others.

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Growth Track 

Use the form below to sign up for the next Growth Track session 1) Become a Member, 2) Discover Your Purpose, or 3) Join a Team. There's also a bonus session for people that would like to lead a Community Group. 

Ready to take the Next Step? Sign up here.

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